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Central Market Place

Artisan Square 

What is it: 
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Food Manufacturers

Foods Manufacturers.  By creating a commercial kitchen/co-packing facility combined with a coworking space for the small foods manufacturers, Made In Santa Maria will fill a huge gap in our SM Valley.
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The Arts

The Arts. As a collaborative space for artisans within the Santa Maria Valley, this space will provide space for artisan entrepreneurs to produce their works in an environment conducive to their success.
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The Trades

The Trades.  A space for the trades, providing member firms access to industry specific resources, space to operate their respective businesses, and the opportunity to collaborate with other trades.

Get Involved

Want to be involved?

There are several ways to participate in Made In Santa Maria.

 1) Markertplace Vendors who manufacture, produce, or grow products in the Santa Maria Valley are eligible to participate.  A simple application process is all it takes to get started.  Check our website for details and forms.

 2)  Campaign Sponsors who are interested in supporting this project are always welcome!  We operate under our nonprofit corporation, MIYB California, Inc., a 501c3 – and all donations are tax deductible.  For more information on how you can sponsor this project – please see our website for details

 3) Educators/Trainers interested in supporting our training programs – we need both paid and volunteer trainers please see our website for current and future programs.

 3)  Other Ways….  Just ask…
Made In Santa Maria

Contact Us

Please drop us a note if you have questions about how you can participate in the Made In Santa Maria project.

The Marketplace

Phase 1: E-Marketplace via our website, launched early May 2018. Designed to be similar to what we envision for our brick and mortar location – it provides a section devoted to promoting the rich manufacturing industry in our region, as well as a shop where visitors can purchase goods manufactured in our valley.

Phase 2: Made In Santa Maria Marketplace, a storefront, located (preferably) in Santa Maria’s downtown district. Based on the “antique mall” model – vendors are provided space to display their products for a fee, a central check out center, and staff are provided – and vendors pay a small commission to defray costs.

The marketplace also has an area for display of local manufacturing, construction, and agriculture – as well as an anticipated farmer’s market.

Launching New Ventures

Launching New Ventures creates three new coworking/incubator spaces in Santa Maria. Each space focusing on a specific industry and providing its member clients access to common, industry specific resources, as well as space for each business entity to operate.